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Adler International GmbH in Hamburg has set itself the goal as a German company and member of SEPAWA to address the growing need of high quality oils and essences. The selection of suppliers and permanent control of the producers in question, their training and constant communication on the ongoing needs and changes of the world market, but last but not least to be the interface for professional marketing, sales and above all logistics, is our main task.
A major concern of international buyers, especially when purchasing rose oil, was and still is the inconsistency in quality at higher purchase quantities, the failure to guarantee the agreed purchase quantities, contractual concerns, but also logistical difficulties. We have eliminated all this and much more with hard work and persistence and are trying to build trust.
The aim is, among other things, to awaken the dormant or sluggish private industry in third countries and at the same time to be a focal point in the heart of Europe to ensure quality and communication and try to fill the very large gap between the production culture in the country and the international buyers in an increasingly diversifying and competitive world.
We have by now the possibility of 25 different oils and the trend is growing.
However, rose oil, which we started with, more than 25 years ago, is leading the way. But also saffron oil, galbanum oil, lavender oil, etc. are available.
We offer the rose oil both organically certified and in 100% pure quality.
The 100% pure rose oil is itself offered in three different variations:
1) From 1st distillation
2) From 2nd distillation
3) Mixture of 1st and 2nd distillation

We hope that with the support of partners and loyal customers we can realize these goals, while contributing to the sustainable development and the increase of cultivation and standards in different growing regions of the world.

Dr .Alireza azimzadeh


Adler International GmbH ist Mitglied bei der SEPAWA.

Herr Dr. Azimzadeh ist darüber hinaus Mitglied bei der Deutschen Gesellschaft der Parfümeure in der SEPAWA

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